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Empty pockets vs full pockets

Empty pockets teaches you A million things in life BUT Full pockets spoils you in million ways..

Two bulls

Two bulls always fight in ur mind. Negative Thinking and Positive Thinking. Do u know which one wins in the…

Your room teaches you how to handle your life

I asked myself how to handle life ? My room gave me the perfect answer – Roof said: Aim high…

Pizza and Life

Pizza always confuses us, it comes in a square box, When you open it, it’s round When you start eating…

The Irony of Life

The Irony of Life is….. Airports have seen more Affectionate Kisses than Wedding Halls.. The Walls of Hospitals have heard…

Winning the Race

Race Can Not Be Won By Accelerating On Top Gear …. But, It Can Be Won Only By ” Changing…

Don’t be scared of how?

Never be scared of how it will happen; just be sure that it will happen. Rohit Shetty

Manzil and raaste

Agar manzil khubsoorat hai to raaste ki parwah mat karo. Kapil Dev If destination is beautiful than don’t care about…

Don’t just dream

Don’s just dream, you have to work hard to achieve that dream. Yeh nahin ki sapna dekh kar so jayen,…

Believe in yourself

Always believe in yourself and have a never-say-die attitude in life. Yuvraj Singh

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